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More formatting options for Service Hub knowledge base

It would be very helpful to be able to change the fonts on the Knowledge Base and also to be able to edit the number of items (currently fixed at two) listed under each subheading. 

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We would like to have the ability to upload our own fonts to Knowledgebase.


There are better styling options in this community forum! Can't believe that. How we can't even align / change text color etc...


We need some basic styling and CSS capabilities!

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Hi folks!


If you're looking for more information about knowledge base design and layout, including custom HTML/CSS, I encourage you to check out this post from our knowledge base Product manager.




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This would be very necessary to get more styling possibilities within the knowledge base articles.

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Writing on behalf of a customer here, it seems like there is a need for more customisability options for the browser page as well as the mobile page.

Currently, the mobile footer on their mobile KB page as the links are stacking up unevenly. 

Additionally, it seems like we are not able to customise the font of the breadcrumbs on the KB as well. 

CSS styling capabilities is needed here!  


If all you want to do is load up some JS or CSS in your knowledgebase, it is actually trivial. Your knowledgebase portal loads up your portal's global .js file, so just do the overrides from JavaScript.


  1. Visit your portal settings
  2. Click Tracking & Analytics -> Tracking Code in the left nav.
  3. Click the "Customize Javascript" text link, then the "Add custom Javascript" button.
  4. Add JavaScript (example below) that loads up remove CSS & JS.
  5. Save.
if (window.location.hostname == "") {
  let script=document.createElement('script');
  script.setAttribute("src", "https://yourdomain/path/file.js");

  let css=document.createElement("link")
  css.setAttribute("rel", "stylesheet")
  css.setAttribute("type", "text/css")
  css.setAttribute("href", "https://yourdomain/path/file.css")


I'm still very much on the "I'm embarassed for HubSpot that this product is the only one without a custom template" - the quotes team set up custom templates - and they did it both well and fast and learned a lot about what other features to build from the more advanced users.


It really does boggle the mind that HubSpot PMs at some point decided that support must surely be the one and only part of a brand identity that its customers don't care about. We're talking about 4+ years of people asking for very fundamental HUBL building blocks here.


My possibly wrong assumption here is that the HubSpot Service product is not a priority for the company and so the product leadership team does not devote as many resources to it as they do to other products. There has been so little development of meaningful capabilities on this product line. Will I leave? No. Will I recommend any other companies use HubSpot Service? Absolutely not.


It's  absolutely frustrating. Knowledge Base is great feature  with great editor. But I can't even change font size at least on Table of Content left panel

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It would go a long way toward making KB more user-friendly if we could use inline styling for fonts like you can in the Blog editor tool. We have some very long SOPs in our internal knowledge base and this would make a big difference from a readability standpoint for each article. Thanks! 


We desperately need this. The options are so incredibly limited. My boss looks at other KB examples (including Hubspot's!) and wants to know why we can't do the same thing. 


My company also need this. My boss ask me the same thing.


Our Marketing team uses HubSpot for our company's main website. They have raved about HubSpot every chance they get.


In 2020 I looked at moving from Helpjuice to HubSpot KB and was highly disappointed with the functionality being offered by HubSpot. We ended up postponing the project.


Three years later, while evaluating other platforms our Marketing team again suggests HubSpot. I reached out to HubSpot to see if the KB article editor had been updated... and it has not. Looks like HelpScout is worth a long look based on some of the comments in this forum.

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Hey any updates or information about the Roadmap for the knowledgebase of Hubspot? - We recognize massive potential to this product but the current possibilities are far from ideal.



- A separate html file to edit the database as in the CMS

- otherwise more drag and drop options for content and images 


The knowledge base is nothing we should hide 😉