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More formatting options for Service Hub knowledge base

It would be very helpful to be able to change the fonts on the Knowledge Base and also to be able to edit the number of items (currently fixed at two) listed under each subheading. 

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I'm also curious as to whether there has been any update to this. Specifically, adding tables is something that we'd really need for our knowledge base.

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Hi @gdilthey we are currently working on tables and hope to make it available very soon along with other items that have been mentioned in this thread. If you are interested in getting early access to these new features please DM me your hub id and I will make the features available to you as soon as they are ready Smiley Happy


colors too!


Font options are much needed


Urgently need to be able to edit the fonts in the knowledge base articles. I can't see why this can't be done just as it's done in the blog editor. Thanks


How this is even a thing astounds me, I'm left with a knowledge base that is not on brand....


Urgently need.


Here's an example of a top-level page that's very well done.

At minimum I would say the top-level page should include:

  1. all categories
  2. all categories' subcategories
  3. all subcategories' article titles

Thanks for your consideration!



Also, please make it possible to use footnotes (e.g., for references) in Knowledge Base articles. There are certain items I would like footnoted for reference, but do not necessarily prefer they are nested in the article itself.


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Ditto on being able to adjust fonts. Applying style sheets would be amazing as well!




We are interested too in the developments of the knowledge base tool. Adding some CSS would be good. At least in order to allow adding a tag-line below the search bar to give a better explanation of what the KB does (as it appears in HS knowledge base).

Another feature that would be good to develop is adding a tag stating the resource tipe (video, how-to, template to download...).


This being said, we are doing some tests to improve customization and noticed that the subdomain of HS Knowledge base is, while when I use the tool-bar and am redirected towards the articles, the URL becomes

The explanation I gave myself if that the actual domain on the knowledge base is, but:

1) Knowledge base modules where cloned, moved into different folders into the design tool and customized there.
2) After this, it was possible to re-create a customized landing page using a different domain ( Under this page, it was possible to add the cloned modules and create a nice customized page. 
I've tried recreating this procedure on our account and I was actually able to do it, even if it's still quite complicated.
Maybe this can be a feature to develop?

I am perplexed - we are still in our onboarding and only just found out that something so basic as changing a font is omitted. Not just that - in a fairly modern looking UI, where the headings are all non-serif fonts, the paragraph is a serif, last century font like Times New Roman! Truly mind-boggling. I get it that the Service Hub is still young, but this is a little too MVP for us.


Agree with everything everyone else has says.  Not being able to style the knowledge base articles is a big problem, particularly when there is so much customisation available elsewhere (blog landing pages and posts for example).   You need to be able to order the categories manually, control how many of each category are shown, use icons and graphics next to categories and posts, have different formats of post available and use common-place elements like concertinas for easy-to-construct FAQ sections.


Hoping this will be improved soon...?


Fingers crossed

All the best


HubSpot Product Team

Now in beta is a new Customize Template feature which will allow you to choose a template from a number of different options that allows them to enhance the design of their knowledge base and tie it closer to your brand. You can now add descriptions and images to categories as well as customize the font of your knowledge base.

Please PM me with your Hub Id if you would like access to this beta.


Definitely we need more customisation. 

What is very odd that while in the knowledge base, you click on your company logo and it won't take you to your website but rather to the home page of the knowledge base.

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Customize Template is now live to all customers. Please let me know if you have any feedback


I'm not seeing anything in the template customizer that handles style options. 


The rich text editor for this post has more features than the text editor for knowledge base articles!

Can we at least add the rich text module to the KB article editor? It seems to be available in all kinds of other areas of HubSpot. (


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Thanks @goconnor 

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We would like to be able to edit the breadcrumb and category menu of the knowledge base. 

The limitations on editing the Knowledge base make it seem like a seprate website, and not a continuation of our brand and offering.


I'd love to have the ability to change font colors as well to match our style guide. I'm able to do this right now, but cannot do it with my paid subscription on my own instance of Hubspot.