More formatting options for Service Hub knowledge base

It would be very helpful to be able to change the fonts on the Knowledge Base and also to be able to edit the number of items (currently fixed at two) listed under each subheading. 

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I'm also curious as to whether there has been any update to this. Specifically, adding tables is something that we'd really need for our knowledge base.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @gdilthey we are currently working on tables and hope to make it available very soon along with other items that have been mentioned in this thread. If you are interested in getting early access to these new features please DM me your hub id and I will make the features available to you as soon as they are ready Smiley Happy

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colors too!

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Font options are much needed

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Urgently need to be able to edit the fonts in the knowledge base articles. I can't see why this can't be done just as it's done in the blog editor. Thanks

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How this is even a thing astounds me, I'm left with a knowledge base that is not on brand....

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Urgently need.

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Here's an example of a top-level page that's very well done.

At minimum I would say the top-level page should include:

  1. all categories
  2. all categories' subcategories
  3. all subcategories' article titles

Thanks for your consideration!



Also, please make it possible to use footnotes (e.g., for references) in Knowledge Base articles. There are certain items I would like footnoted for reference, but do not necessarily prefer they are nested in the article itself.


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Ditto on being able to adjust fonts. Applying style sheets would be amazing as well!