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More formatting options for Service Hub knowledge base

It would be very helpful to be able to change the fonts on the Knowledge Base and also to be able to edit the number of items (currently fixed at two) listed under each subheading. 

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Categories appear by default in alphabetical order. That's not good. Absolutely need to be able to choose the order and layout of categories.


Main categories appear but sub-categories do not. That's ok I guess. But why show only two articles? Need to show at least three.


The design is very bland. Need some styling options like big buttons for categories, and the option to upload custom graphics.


The font size is too small, needs to be increased.


Need to show popular support articles in a section.


There is too much blank space. Need to compact the design somewhat.


I agree. We'd love to be able to align our Knowledge Base more closely with our agency's branding by using custom fonts etc. We were quite surprised to find out that this is not an option.


I do not understand why we do not have full editing capabilies for KB articles as for all other HS pages.


I agree with atma, especially on potentially showing sub categories, at least three articles under a heading (2 just feels awkward), and changing the order.


A big thing for me would to also be able to create "sections" that the categories reside in.  For example, I would like to have a "Product" section that has information about our specific products listed in the categories.  I would like a "Media" section with video, webinars, etc.  Then a "General" section with overall information about how to contact us and common questions we receive.


This should be available as we want everything to be consistent with our website. The fonts are very different.


Absolutely agree with this. Its very limiting to not be able to:

  • Change fonts to match branding of website that is also in HubSpot. The templates in the Design Tool should be reflected in the KB.
  • Showing only 2 articles in each category on the homepage for the KB is a waste of space, and doesn't match with how all other competitor KBs look/feel. It would be nice if that was increased to 5 at the bare minimum.
  • Would also be nice if there was a nice code snippet view so we can show examples etc. Even just a raw <pre> would be sufficient.
  • It would be helpful if we could have callouts / tables to emphasis notes/warnings etc.

Please consider this request. It's sad that this is table stakes with competitors products like Zendesk, and its almost been a year and this still isn't available.


Totally agree with atma and Brycelbrewer.


I can't believe how limited the formatting is. I want to display subcategories, not just the first two articles in a category. If I did want to display articles, I would want to select which specific articles are featured.

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Good news - been looking for this feature and suprised when I couldn't find it


Yes please add in:

  • Customization of font
  • Editing tools that are consistent with other areas of Hubspot (including UNDO and version histories)
  • Customization of top-level page. 

Is there any update on this? I keep being told that it was meant to be done at the end of March but I still haven't seen anything.

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For what it's worth, we gave up waiting and switched to Help Scout. It's significantly cheaper, easier to format, easier to use and a B Corp (like us) as well. Having tried ZenDesk and HubSpot's offering, it's easily the best. 


That's good to know Matthew. We are starting to think about switching as well. ServiceHub is very expensive in comparision to HelpScout, and it appears HelpScout will sync the contact data anyways, which was one of the reasons we originally bought into ServiceHub. With so little improvements in the last year I am having a very hard time justifying paying so much more for something that does so little.


I really wish HubSpot would be more open on their roadmap for ServiceHub and actually stick to delivering SOMETHING. They have the 'bones' in the core platform to support all this and be an awesome product. Just seems like they don't care enough to respond and tell us if they will.

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Hi HubSpot Community,


Sorry for the delay in responding. Our team is currently heads down on working on a new article editor which we will bring to you quite soon.


The new editor will have the following updates:

- Improved lists formatting

- Image pasting

- Image resizing

- Inline images

- Code blocks

- Tables

- Open embeds

- Various performance improvements.


The team is also heads down on improved template customization options which will give you more control over the layout of your knowledge base, particularly on the homepage. It will also include the ability to chose your own font. This functionality will be a little later than the article editor but we are working hard to get it out to you as fast as we can Smiley heureux


Agreed with styling options: we would definately like to change the font, that would be really important to us.


Agree with the minimum number of articles shown on frontpage, we should be able to edit it ourself.


Need to be able to customize knowledge base css.


Must be able to edit/add css to knowledge base.  Modules are accessible and cloneable, but we cannot add them to article pages (thus, useless). Out of all the customizable areas of HubSpot, this one seems to be forsaken.


(this comment is more editable than the knowledge base...)


The knowledge base is really ugly guys, please work on giving us some more design options! 

A lot of people are asking for this 


Could we get an update on when we'll have more design options for our knowledgebase? I've tried tinkering around in the design center, but it seems as if the modules available aren't usable. We'd lke to do the following:

- Change the number of articles displayed for each category on the index page

- Better visualize the subcategories for each category on the index page

- Adjust certain categories to display with full width on the index page

- Add a 'Continue to Next Article' button in the footer of certain articles
- More fonts, styles, options for article content


along with a variety of other, more intricate design details.

Ultimately, we would like to better align our knowledgebase with the design standards for other content we produce.