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More formatting options for Service Hub knowledge base

It would be very helpful to be able to change the fonts on the Knowledge Base and also to be able to edit the number of items (currently fixed at two) listed under each subheading. 

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It's  absolutely frustrating. Knowledge Base is great feature  with great editor. But I can't even change font size at least on Table of Content left panel

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It would go a long way toward making KB more user-friendly if we could use inline styling for fonts like you can in the Blog editor tool. We have some very long SOPs in our internal knowledge base and this would make a big difference from a readability standpoint for each article. Thanks! 


We desperately need this. The options are so incredibly limited. My boss looks at other KB examples (including Hubspot's!) and wants to know why we can't do the same thing. 


My company also need this. My boss ask me the same thing.


Our Marketing team uses HubSpot for our company's main website. They have raved about HubSpot every chance they get.


In 2020 I looked at moving from Helpjuice to HubSpot KB and was highly disappointed with the functionality being offered by HubSpot. We ended up postponing the project.


Three years later, while evaluating other platforms our Marketing team again suggests HubSpot. I reached out to HubSpot to see if the KB article editor had been updated... and it has not. Looks like HelpScout is worth a long look based on some of the comments in this forum.