More formatting needed on inline thank you message

For embedded forms, we need more formatting on the inline thank you message. It would be great to be able to have access to a HTML source button where we could drop in embed codes or format colors of the text.

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Agreed! I ran into an issue this morning for a client where I couldn't simply adjust the color of the thank you message with the editor (black text on a black background...wanted white text).


I had to republish the form as an Unstyled form, and then have a developer reformat the entire form from the raw HTML to modify the thank you message color and put back all of the other stylings I had set from the form style options.


Upvoting your idea @mrspabs, and sharing it to another problem-solution thread so more people will hopefully upvote it as well.

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I agree too ! It's really bad actually that the confirmation message is not formated with the same color as the text color in the form. Actually the confirmation message is not visible on a dark background. 


It would be great to manage some extra CSS elements for the confirmation message or for the form itself. Like it's impossible to choose the color of the warning message (field not completed). So if my background is bordeaux, the warning text is invisible. 

Changing the font or using the font of my website will be a great feature too. 

It's such a shame that you have to subscribe a PRO plan just for the unformated form. 

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Same issue - dark background on a site with a form embedded. In the past we were able to add images as well (logos, icons, etc.) which would have been a possible workaround, but that seems to be removed as well. Upvoted!

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I agree, too. We have the same issue. The current formating or not-formating makes it difficult to place important information like you will receive an email, please check your spam, etc, in an reader-friendly way.

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please do it now. Besides warnings, it's a must we need to edit constantly.

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PLEASE! This seems like such a simple thing to add in. Just make the Thank You message a standard content editor with formatting options and a <source> option. This is the only display content I can think of in the whole of Hubspot that doesn't allow formatting. It's just silly that this isn't automatically a thing already.

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Really really needed. This is a massive oversight. I can't believe something like this would actually get released. Even worse that it looks like people have been asking for this for MONTHS without it being fixed. 

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Agreed with everyone here. We want to use this for a demo request page, arguably one of the most important touchpoints on a website, and it leaves a sloppy impression having to use black text on our brand color background instead of the same white font we use for everything else on the form. Please update this.

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Really need this feature added. We have our HubSpot form on a black background on our site. Once a customer submits their information to sign up to our newsletter, they do not see our thank you message!

I have attempted to add custom css code: 

.submitted-message {
color: white !important;

But this does not override the color of the message.

From reading other posts, this seems to be an ongoing concern for users dating back to last year! 

@ Hubsport Support Team, has this been resolved? Have you found a workaround in the meantime?


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We need this feature too, as the plain text really doesn't sit well with the design of the page the form is embedded onto. Please help!

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As a software engineer, I have to say the fact that this unstyled thank you text hasn't been resolved by an intern in less than a day of it being reported as an issue should be an embarassment to HubSpot. Ridiculous...

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Same problem here... please fix this.