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More flexibility needed on enabling/disabling Email UTM tracking

We currently use the setting where HS automatically applies a tracking UTM to all URLS in our emails. We have a promotional campaign running for which we wanted to link directly to a page inside the cart system of our website. Unfortunately the UTM parameter added to that URL conflicted with the way our website was built so the page wouldn't load correctly. Upon discussing with HS Support, the only option to NOT have the UTM parameter loaded on that specific link is to turn them ALL off...for EVERY email. Well, all or nothing isn't very flexible unfortunately. Could we not also have options to either turn them off for a specific email or a specific field ONLY in an email? Just would be nice to have more flexibility as reprogramming already existing websites often is a costly option.

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We just ran into the same problem with adding a link in a marketing email to a Microsoft Office 365 Bookings function (where the person can pick a meeting time directly from a subset of the sales person's Outlook calendar. The parameters break the link. 

Making this a GLOBAL setting for all emails is lazy coding. Hubspot could certainly add a checkbox to the "edit link" dialog box and on the email settings page, even if it only works to untrack a link or particular email.




We need to be able to have "clean" URLs in certain other systems that cannot deal with all the additional tracking info.


Just came across this issue as well. We are launching a referral program and want to send every member a unique referral id. It just does not seem clean/professional having utm tracking as part of a referral link. Especially as the utm tracking will not be correct if they share their links on social media. 
Has anyone have a workaround that is not a global all or nothing option? 


Just ran into this problem as well. Cant utilize sending out Microsoft booking links so that my customers can schedule their appointments because of the appending of UTM parameters in the URL.


I believe this is an old request now it can be solved. Just go to Settings --> Marketing --> Email --> Tracking and click on "Add source tracking only if no existing tags in the URL".  This will allow you to keep your UTM parameters, but if they don't exist then hubspot will add automatically.


I'm having the same issue (Hubspot UTM tracking breaks Microsoft booking links) but found a workaround.

  1. Paste the Microsoft booking URL into Bitly and use Bitly to shorten the URL.
  2. Link to the Bitly short URL in your Hubspot email. 

Bitly seems to strip out the UTMs and the Microsoft booking link loads as normal.


Thanks so much to imjc^^ I am going to try this. I am having the same issue 🙃