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More flexibility for date centered property workflow

Hi team! Currently, centered date workflows can only execute actions around the date. For example, we can only set the action on the date at a specific time. 


I think it'll be really helpful if we can have an option to execute actions minutes/hours before the DateTime of the event. 


Use case: In that way, we'll be able to trigger SMS reminders for meetings using workflows. (Where the SMS reminders can be sent just minutes/hours before the meeting) 

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Hi @Rangrachel,


In your date centered workflow, you should be able to also set the exact time of the day in the right sidebar:




This is limited to quarter hours but should work for use case with the sms before an event.


Let me know if that works, if yes, this post could be moved over into the community section 🙂




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Hi @karstenkoehler , thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, that wouldn't work because we were looking to send a sms reminder an hour before their meeting time. 


Eg: For contact A:  The meeting booked is at 1pm. The sms reminder would have to be sent at 12pm.  


For contact B: The meeting booked is at 3 pm. The sms reminder would have to be sent at 2pm.  




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Thanks for the added context, @Rangrachel, yes, this would indeed be very useful.

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@Rangrachel  great idea, I just wanted to submit the same thing. Was looking to implement SMS reminders as well. Would be even slicker if the Meeting tool would have the SMS reminders as an out of the box option. 


Please note the following thread
It is the same thing since 2017 and status is submitted.


Me too looking to send SMS reminders to clients 1 hour before the meeting but unable to do so in HubSpot. It is hard to understand why HubSpot can't provide that function as the meeting time is collected via the meeting tools. Anyway, would be great if you can look into building this feature. Cheers.