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More efficient way to find and merge duplicate contacts

The Sales CRM functions more as intended for lead capture from a web form where one email would be provided to create the contact record.  

You're thinking in terms of the CRM as a Sales and Marketing tool, which it is, but it's also just a CRM: Connected to Gmail it's getting new records daily from people that have multiple email addresses.  Moreover, just doing an import of addresses from other databases can result in multiple Contacts being created for the various email addresses someone might have.

Consider myself as an example, I have 12 different email addresses.  When I take a new client or job, I'll have another.  Those are 13 different records. They are all just me and each of those email addresses should be more easily uncovered as associated with the same person and merged.


What needs to improve
Today we have to go into a Contact records and use the Merge function to find the other emails and merge them.  That's a manual process. A pain for large Contact databases.

The Contact list should have a "Find and Dedup" option.  The CRM should find likely duplicates not based on the email identifier but other personal identifiers: same name, similar name in same location, etc.  Flag those in the list and make it easy to check the duplicate Contacts and "Merge" them.

This really needs to be done as part of the platform as growing companies, teams with many people using Gmail as part of their outreach, etc. will constantly result in new Contact records that can go unnoticed as duplicates of existing records.

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At this time, there isn't currently a feature built in for finding duplicate contact/company/deal records within HubSpot outside of manually happening across them. I definitely understand where you're coming from with this need though, as I agree that it isn't very sustainable to manually look through your database for duplicate records (especially if you have thousands of records). I'm going to pass this idea along to my team, however, that feedback will only be coming from one voice.

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Any company working with the National Health Service in the UK will have this problem. Their staff use two different emails and to make matters worse Hubspot automatically catagorises the staff as working for NHS Centrally- not for the spcific this issue is a big problem! This would be a great fix!

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I've inherited a mess of a list from my predecessor and I've been trying to manually fix what I can but seriously if there are 3 contacts named "Thomas Duplicaterson" in my list it would be nice to be prompted to review them. Or at least allow me to run a search for likely dupes. If I have a "Tom Duplicaterson" that works for the same company it should show up as well.

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That would be a wonderful tool. We are having the same duplication issues.

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A fix for this would be super helpful! Takes so long to merge each duplicate contact manually.

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Interestingly I have built functional fuzzy match tools that are easily configurable and do exactly this, and I am about to open source them. Would that be of interest to hubspot? I see so many products that can only do exact matching, but in the real world maybe 30% of records are misspelt.


Équipe de développement de HubSpot
Équipe de développement de HubSpot
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Thanks for adding this idea. Helping customers identify and merge duplicate contacts and companeis is somethign that we are putting a lot of thought into. We appreciate the feedback and examples, this is extremely useful.

Équipe de développement de HubSpot
Équipe de développement de HubSpot
Statut mis à jour : In Planning

Thanks or this feedback. Making it easier to find duplicates in HubSpot is somethign that we're working on. I'm going to close this ticket and redirect to another idea ticket with the same request and more votes. Please feel free to upvote and comment on the following idea:

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Any update on this? New to the sales side of Hubspot and this is a MAJOR issue. 

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This is a regular and contstant thorn in the side of the marketing operations role. 

Having a tool that would identify duplicates before they cause other problems with sync and integration mismatches would be oh, so valuable. We run these tools in Salesforce, but need a separate matching utility on the Hubspot side.