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More customization around Meetings "minimum notice time" availability

When creating meeting links I dreamt of a meeting link that I could send to people when I wanted to meet with them next week. Currently the only way to do that is through the limited options provided with "mimum notice time" (MNT) in the "Availability" section of the settings. The only options for MNT are 1-6 hours, and 1, 3, & 7 days. It would be a great to have:

  1. All 1 - 7 days available, not just 1, 3, and 7 available. But this causes issues because its not "smart."
  2. The ability to add "Monday of next week" would be fantastic because I know that I have meetings being booked out 1 week out. Currently there is NO way to accomplish this and it would make the meetings tool much more customizable.
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We also need more flexibility with "Minimum Notice Time". At the very least, it would be extremely helpful if 5-day, 10-day and 14-day options were added.  The current jump between 3 and 7 days is too large to allow precise calendar control.


Yes.  Please.  This drop-down list is both arbitrary and overly restrictive.  Our entire sales funnel is built on setting sales appointments, and our minimum notice time is 96 hours, for a very specific reason.  We aren't going to change our business model to match HubSpot's drop-downs.  I guess we'll have to give our money to Acuity. 


Is that why Acuity gets higher reviews?


I say this with love for HubSpot.  You can do better!! 


It might make sense to merge this idea with a similar one which has more number of upvotes here -


I feel the same way!


We would also need 14-day option to be added.


The best would be to be able to customize this option, to go to 2 weeks for example.

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This is causing huge issues for our sales team! 7 days is too long for a customer to wait to talk to a sales person, but 3 days doesn't give us enough time to prepare the presentation - especially when you're not specifying business days, so you can schedule a Monday meeting on a Friday!