More control over product lists like filtering or advanced search


Our product catalogue in Hubspot is growing and becoming more complicated. Currently our ability to organize this list is very limited, basically just folders and sorting alphabetically. 


It would save our team a ton of time to be able to have more control over searching for products when creating deals, such as an advanced search and/or being able to filter products based on product properties. 

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Sorting of products can only be acheived by using the Data Stamp (first date/time stamp is the first product presented in the list), you need to manipulate that in a spreadsheet before loading, this is a MASSIVE pain for maintenance when constant updates to the catalog are needed. SO PLEASE lets have some functionality to allows to change the order, we have that ability in the way we present data properties to users in companies, deals, and contacts so it shouldn't be difficult. Also there is no ability when loading product data to direct it to a specific folder in the catalog. When I imported a list of products that needed to go into different folders I had to import first then move them to the folder. 




Also would like to be able to reorganize the items at anytime


I cannot express how fustrated I am that you cannot search products to a deal by searching for a SKU instead of the product name. As our quoting process becomes more and more complex, it is vital that we be able to do this. Our sales reps are spending too much time literally 'guessing' which product should be on the quote. In the current quote, you can see the SKU so often we add all our products that have the same product name to the quote and then have to remove products that are the wrong SKU. Please if this. 

I share the same frustration. The same issue also spills over to the list
of QUOTES. Since the platform doesn't all you to see the quote full quote
name, we are wasting time clicking on the quotes one by one to try and find
the one we are looking for. They often begin with the same phrase, making
it a guessing game. It would seem simple to list these out in a format
similar to the one Salesforce uses, where you can see the full line item
name and easily identify the one you are after
We really need the ability to SORT (organize) Product folders. This slows down the quoting process a lot!