More control over product lists like filtering or advanced search


Our product catalogue in Hubspot is growing and becoming more complicated. Currently our ability to organize this list is very limited, basically just folders and sorting alphabetically. 


It would save our team a ton of time to be able to have more control over searching for products when creating deals, such as an advanced search and/or being able to filter products based on product properties. 

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I have discovered that products are ordered by create date with most recent top; and it is possible to change the property "createdate" using the api — so it is possible to get them in a suitable order with a bit of coding. This then transfers to line items when you select multiple products. I believe all objects are the same, but not all allow you to change the createdate. It would be great if there was a facility to choose the default ordering rather than going to all this hassle; and for us sku is best while for others it might be name or perhaps some other property.


Yeah, it's really messy and the API solution isn't great unless you have a lot of technical staff who can continuously make these changes as you upload products. Even when I upload a spreadsheet of products in one single upload, they get all scrambled up in the product list so I don't know how they're being sorted when the create date is the same date. It's just really sloppy on HS's part and it would be very easy to add some filtering or nested folders or some other solution.


The ability to set the default sorting for the Product Library would be great.


It appears to auto-sort by created date, but we really need it to sort alphabetically. 


I think this is a great idea - 


To build upon this further, it'd be great if it could be possible to search for custom properties when adding line items to products. This is helpful for users that have created custom properties such as Product Code, and want to search for a line item using a property aside from the product name. 


We need to be able to see a raw listing of all PRODUCTS...outside of the folders.  Folders are helpful but my team finds they have to search through folders to find the product they want.  


My client has thousands of products in the library, so the product names are shortened, and they have full product description for each item. However, they can't search by the words that are in the product description. 


I think it would be much easier to navigate a huge product library if we could use search filters for products (like filters for emails, contacts, etc.) - search by name, body, SKU, pricing, create date, etc. 


@Tselani - it's worst than that because when I import a product list, they get shuffled when they finally get into HS. They're all created and imported at the same time so they have the same create date, but HS applies some other kind of logic that no one has been able to explain when the products are displayed in the list. 


We have about 8 main products with different potential accessories and repair parts.  The current "organization" is done by product create date.  We are using folders, but those are also by create date.  The issue is that throughout HubSpot we are not able to change this order.  Right now we 4 products at the top of our list that we have only quoted 1 in 3 years.  Our premire products we quote every day are at the bottom.   There should be a way for admin to better organize the layout to make it eaiser for sales people to find the products to quote.


Please improve your search functionality. It is not useful and it is unreasonably difficult to search for anything in Hubspot because the results almost always seem unrelated. 


Hey there,


it would be a brilliant idea to be able to search for a product via SKU when creating a deal. At the moment you can only search by the product name and if you have a big store, it can get confusing so searching by SKU would be much more efficient.




This is basic functionality that should be included. Agree with @BPatris, can we have a response from someone at HubSpot on when this can be addressed?


I'd find it extremely helpful and much more time efficient if my top 4-6 most used products always appeared at the top of the list.  I currently have three pages in my list, but my most used could fit on the first page.  Then I wouldn't have to use the search bar to locate and could also select multiples more efficiently.  If I need to self identify which top product those are, that's fine.  Same for selecting multiples of an identical product (which I will later customize in the description field).  Re-selecting the same product over and over again in a quote is cumbersom.

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So my company was verry systematic about naming their products so searching for key words in product names or even our part number/SKU takes the list down quite a bit.  I did test making a custom products property but the search bar is not using that property to display redults.  Looks like importing with detailed names and SKU is the best chance at the moment to find things quickly.   


Even multiple sub folder levels would be awesome to keep things organized.  I also like the most used at top idea.  




I'm not sure updates have been done but when we loaded in the 2021 pricelists in Jan, you were only able to search by "name".  With multiple brands and very similar products this was counter productive.  We use a custom template for quotes but we now load in this way and sales can create quotes by SKU very quickly

HS Field: What it is
Name: SKU

Description: Longer Descriptive Name (Single line)

On the quote the custom template is

But what the customer sees is


We are migrating from Sugar where there is Product Type and Product Category, these fields would be helpful in HS. At the least products should be able to assigned to multiple folders in order to organize packages without duplicating products. 



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How about the ability to see only the available folders?  That alone would be a tremendous improvement. 


Product library needs to be able to set sort orders as default 


This is a massive pain point for my company. The Product Library is clunky and takes time away not just for whoever maintains it, but also for the users who build quotes with it. It is not intuitive to use at all and here are some of the pain points we have experienced so far:
- you don't have a say in how folders are displayed;
- you can't "edit columns" like you can do with other objects and say visualise products by Item Code or SKU etc...;
- you can only search by line item description
- you have to re-import the whole library in order to add the latest price list.
Please give us more flexibility with this tool. 

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The lack of filters is a real nuisance for companies with more than just a few products.


As well as filters, a sort function would be useful too.  So, for example you could sort products into Alphabetical order on the screen.


Thanks for listening!


Couldn't agree more! The ability to sort the product library alphabetically is a feature HIGHLY needed. Does anyone have any news and wheater this is on HS dev list?