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More control over product lists like filtering or advanced search

Our product catalogue in Hubspot is growing and becoming more complicated. Currently our ability to organize this list is very limited, basically just folders and sorting alphabetically. 


It would save our team a ton of time to be able to have more control over searching for products when creating deals, such as an advanced search and/or being able to filter products based on product properties. 

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It would be great if my sales pro users can sort the product library alphabetically. Not sure how it is sorted right now. I know I can sort the products alphabetically when editing the product library but otherwise when you're in Deals and adding a product there, there's no sorting option other than to type and search.


Hi Everyone,


I needed a feature that would allow me to access the products from the product list based on a specific order. This would essentially allow me to follow a kind checklist.


Unfortunately, sorting can only happen in the quote stage after you select them. Here you can use the drag and drop.


But what if you need to see them in a specific order? Anyway found a workaround.


Create the products with all the specifications you require either on HubSpot or import them. Once you are satisfied check all the products you want (it might be easier to have them in folders) and export them to CSV.


Once you open the CSV file sort them in the order you want.


Now the interesting part. Change the timestamp of the item you want to feature last to be "oldest". After that amend the following product to be one hour younger and on and on. You can quickly do this in Excel by changing the first two cells and then dragging down.


Once ready save the file and import it back into HubSpot but ensure you use the update feature for products. This will match the unique product ID.


All you have to do is sort them by create date. And voila!! Now you will see them in the order you want.


For some odd reason, I was having trouble importing Cost of Goods sold when using XLSX so I recommend sticking to CSV


Wow - thanks so much for this. Saved me a ton of time.    I could not figure out how they were sorting.  An even easier simplification is to just create your pricing table in excel and include a "create date" field like you suggest above.  Then once you have it in the order you want,  use the date 12/31/19 for the first entry, then just create a formula for subtracting 1 from the prior date.  Hubspot just wants to see the create dates are different since it sort the list by create date order.  

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Posting on behalf of a customer:


The current Product folder feature organizes the folders by create date only. But this doesn't correspond with the frequency of use, which is inconvenient. We would like to see the most frequently used folders on top, to make quoting easier 🙂


Thank you...I appreciate the workaround.  However, I just want to put in my official suggestion that this should be something that is standard and simple to do from the Product Menu in set up.


We too follow an order of services and having them in the order we need them is a huge timesaver for our team.  Especially since we also cant currently copy or duplicate deals that carry over products.


This would be GREAT!




Would it be possible to have more control in the layout and display of the Product Library?


For example, I have setup a number of folders to track different services we offer, but the default order the salesperson sees when trying to add a product from the Library is based on the order the folders were created rather than the logical (thematic) order I'd like to force. 


Easy fix would be to allow the same sorting capability for the folders and products in the Add Products window as what we have in the Library creation window under settings. 


Better approach would be to allow full control on ordering the folders and products within them from the settings window. 






It would also be useful to be able to filter products by custom property, and display custom properties on the settings page.  This need to be an implimented feature because it is not very practical to have to export the 4000+ products my company has, to then filter that export for the 50 products I need to update. 


Also on the add product from library screen it would be useful to be able to change what properties are displayed. My companies has over 4000 skus, it would be useful to be able to display the name and sku. So that when I search for a product I can verify I have the right sku with the product name or I can find the product sku by the name, while I can search the library with either a name or sku I do not have the visual confirmation of having the sku displayed by the product name.

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Please please please, when you are creating a deal and it takes 10 minutes to peck through product list that is in no particular order, it's very frustrating.


It would be helpful to search by SKU rather than product name when we are adding products to new Deals, or Quotes without prefilled products.


It is very frustating not being able to sort them alphabetically.


Hubspot please include this feature. 


Agreeing with what the original post and comments have suggested-- Being able to arrange product folders, products within folders, and the order in which products are listed once added to a deal would be helpful. I have to add prices to long lists of products associated with a deal, and when I can't arrange the products in the same order the price lists appear, I have to spend time matching up all the pieces.

Having the ability to drag products to arrange them in the line item editor and library would fix this for me.


The product library should have a view and edit function.  The sales team occasionally needs to see data kept in the product (shipping conditions, scaled pricing etc which can be kept in notes) but if they don't have access to Edit the file they can't see any of the properties.  

Secondary there is an issue with the use of the product library when creating quote.  You can only search by name.  Surely SKU is an equally reasonable way to search?   It seems like the search function should take both of these fields into account.


This is an important fix, it's like a bug. Without this be fixed users see a mix of folders without structure. 


Product folders default to the latest folder created, rather than an alphabetical list and it takes more time to find the correct folder and/or means team members often miss or select the wrong folder.


You can sort the folders alphabetically in the 'products & quotes' admin but this same function is not avalaible in deals when selecting line items and/or creating quotes.


Please can you look into adding the feature to enable a user to sort folders alphabetically.  Thanks


Yes please! I often get requests for this.



It would be really great if we could alpha sort the product list when choosing line items in a deal. We have over 130 products. It was really hard not being able to sort them alphabetically or at least by type. I did create folders and we have products by type in those folder. However, I did not know that I needed to strategically add the folders. Unfortunately, HubSpot's default sort is create date/time not alpha. Had I known that, I would have created the folders in a descending order Z to A so the most recently added folder would be at the top of the list and be the start of the alphabet.


Now, what I have is the Travel Expense folder at the top of the list and Consulting Services folder at the bottom since i added them from A to Z not Z to A. It's not the end of the world, but it's definitely not ideal. When under the Product list, the sort is by Create Date. I can sort the folders and the products in the folders by Name, SKU, Price, Create Date, but when I leave the page and go back it's back to sorting by Create Date. It would be nice to tell HubSpot how I want it to sort and it remain that way.


Hopefully others would like the ability to sort alphabetically or just to have the ability to change the sort when adding line items and it reamin that way until you change it.




Could we have an answer from an Hubspot employee whether this will be included soon?

It really costs a lot of them and it honestly does not seem to be a very complicated feature to add in.


I recently implemented using Line Items for our sales team in order to solve an issue that we had related to selling services (vs actual products). I wanted to outline our use case and submit ideas that would allow us to get the full value from the feature.


I'm also open to any ideas that anyone has about working around our outstanding issues.



Our company sells services (we complete assessments for other companies). Our services/assessments are variably prived based a number of factors that would not allow us to put a base price into HubSpot. We work with around 160 different services/assessments. We could never use the Product feature that HubSpot has natively as again we don't have set prices - every assessment could cost something different for each deal.

The other problem is that the deals we sell could be comprised of a few of these services/assessments. We previously used a custom property to tag deals with each service/assessment component but were unable to track how much of each deal was from each service/assessment.



Our sales team now uses Line Items to better capture deal data. I added in all of our service/assessment as Line Items with SKUs. After a deal is created, the Line Items are added along with the cost specific to the deal and line item.



-I would like to use the SKU as any other property. Such as when filtering deals or pulling reports. I believe that I can pull the data in a custom report, but I need to be able to use it in the normal deal view.

-I would like to be able to use the SKU as a personalization token in workflow emails. An email get sent out for every closed deal, and I would like to be able to indicate the SKU (or Line Item name) for the deal.

-When the deal is initially created, on the Create Deal stage, you are only able to enter the quantity of each Line Item that you add. I would like to be able to enter the price as well. You also can't search for the associated SKU (which you can do on the Line Item page).


As with all other objects in HubSpot, I would like to be able to customize the look of the 'line items record'. Currently, I cannot control what properties get displayed, and I can't even control the order of the displayed fields. I can't even figure out why the fields are ordered the way they are (creation date? alphabetically?).


The value this will bring: sales reps will only see fields that they actually have to fill out, and the fields will be in a logical order that makes sense to our organization.