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More connecting data between HubSpot Payment and Stripe Payment/Payout as HubSpot Property

More data is needed to connect the Stripe transactions and payouts to the HubSpot detail for the Associated Line Item. As far as I can tell, there isn't currently a unique identifying number that connects the Stripe payment transaction and payout to the HubSpot line item that comes out when exporting the data. We process payments for the same item again and again, so I can connect via price amount. I tried via date, but people often buy the same product on the same date. I tried using the date and time stamp but found the seconds varied from report to report just enough to cause an inaccurate connection and is unreliable.


After working with the data for months, my preference would be for the HubSpot report to pull in two unique identifying numbers from Stripe: balance_transaction_id (which always begins with a txn_) and payment_payout_id (which always begins with a po_). The balance_transaction_id is unique to the individual transaction and is never shared across transactions. The payment_payout_id is unique to a payout and shared across the transactions that are bundled in one payout. Would there be any way to pull these two data pieces out of Stripe and include them in the HubSpot record as properties? That would be amazing and solve my issue. 



Please review Ticket #15246824 for example documentation