More advanced logic in contact/company/deal filters

The filters in the contact, company and deal views are too limited. We are really missing more advanced logic like you offer on Marketing Lists. E.g. OR-logic, "has never/ever been", "is before/after property".

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The deal filter really needs the ability to use OR-logic. I want to show all deals that are over $100 or the original source type is referrals.  Today I have to create two separate filters and then compare.

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We'd love functionality like this, but also to select company properties in deals. Like industry. To see all deals broken down by industry would be a no brainer!

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Additionally i'd love to be able to filter contacts using company fields. An example of a use case could be: Display all contacts working in a company which has a known phone number. or: All companies which we have a employee with "support" in one of the employee's job title.

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And/Or filter in the same field is nice, but we really need And/Or filters between multiple fields. 

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Would be useful for us to have this on the Company object. We'd like to be able to identify Companies based  on shared properties from an integration with an external system.