More accurate document reading control.

(I apologize for my writing, I use Google Translator)


Hubspot has a very interesting function. When we send a PDF document we can know what pages our client has opened and how long they have been watching each page.

But it has a limitation. It only tells you the number of each page. Try to get the headlines of the pages but do not do it correctly. I've spoken with support and they can not tell me how Hubspot looks for the titles of the pages. I wanted to prepare my PDFs for Hubspot to understand them!

My request is as follows. When we upload a PDF to "Documents" in Hubspot, allow us to manually indicate a title for each of the PDF pages, or highlight the most important pages, such as the price.

In this way, we will be able to see at a quicker glance, which page calls our customer's attention, and which are the points that generate the most concern in the decision of the purchase.

Thank you.

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