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More accessible sequence data

Sequence data is difficult to use. Not only are sequence reports not sortable or fiterable, but this is the only place that sequence data exists making it impossible to create custom reports. While some of the reports in the library are useful, it is frustrating that we cannot edit them further. My team needs:


  • A report of how many contacts each sales rep enrolled in a sequence (right now we can access sequence enrollment by sequence, but not by hubspot user)
  • The ability to filter contacts based on what sequences they have been enrolled in (we have some custom properties, but we rely on sequences so much that it's difficult to maintain these)
  • A property that could be automated to show the date of enrollment (right now we do this for the first outbound email we send, but in order to know our enrollment rates for a given period of time we would need the date that a contact was enrolled in a sequence. Since sequences aren't accessible in workflows, it's impossible to do so.)
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Cloning a sequence to see stats on each user is cumbersome but the only way I can think of being able to accomplish this right now.


This would be very helpfull.