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I am accustomed to using Sprout and Sprinklr. I do not see a place to find net new followers, the percentage change in followers; the sources of new followers; the engagement rate per post; the overall engagement rate of all posts within a time frame on a specific network, etc. I also want to know who engaged with our posts. I saw the other post about impressions and that would be helpful, as well. 

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

We've got new social reports in beta now! Please DM me with your portal ID if you would like to be included in the beta. 

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Hi @Daria there used to be a feedback button on the social beta report but now it's gone. How can we further provide feedback to improve the current beta? It's already looking MUCH better than the previous analytics so great job team Smiley Happy


What @HeidiGreen mentioned totally makes sense. At the moment, I'm calculating all the rates via Excel. What I would like to also see is the post metrics that used to be in the old analytics. For instance, top posts in a certain period based on impressions or engagements, on a certain network. This would also help with analysis on what type of post, language, imagery worked best. To go even deeper, would be great to also see the "worst" 10 posts with the same logics as the above.

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I'm keen to try this out aswell.