More Options for Translated Pages (Language Switcher)

More options for the page translation settings would be very beneficial! Like the ability to swap the master page without having to delete it.


Also, one of the issues I ran into recently:

Right now if you have a translated page grouped with a master page, you can't remove that page/separate it from the master page. 


I had to clone the translated page and delete the other version. I made a mistake and chose the wrong master page... It's pretty inconvenient that you can't just remove that page from the group without having to clone it or start all over... You should be able to separate it without having to jump through so many hoops.


Even if the page has already been published, I think it'd be very beneficial to be able to remove the translated page without completely erasing it. 



Any thoughts? Smiley Happy 

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Totally agree with this idea.


When testing how the content staging tool interacts with the translated pages, ahead of a big migration project, we've had a few occasions where the master gets updated the following happens:


The updated Master gets launched as a new page instead of replacing the old one. (losing any historic page analytics)

To make space, the URL of the old version has "archive-0" added to it.

The old version gets archived and drags the translations into the archive with it.


We're still not sure what's causing this, but it's looking to be really complicated to fix when we can't simply switch a translated page's master page over from the archived Master to the new version. 

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I agree with this too, the functionality is definitely needed.

I'm experiencing the same archiving issue on the master page - the translated pages stay live but remain attached to the archived page and there's no way to disconnect them.

If you wanted to change the template in for the English language pages first, then switch over the translated pages later in a phased website update, using the staging tool to check the English page changes before they go live doesn't appear to be a viable option. 

The only way to switch the template on the English pages without archiving the page and its translations appears to be to not use the staging tool at all, and instead go into the live page and switch the template. But if any other HubSpot user hits 'update' then there's the potential that a page that hasn't been signed off could go live.