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More Chat Widget Styling Options

There should be more styling options for the messages add on.

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June 06, 2019 10:57 AM

Hi all-


I am happy to let you know we are addressing one of the issues from this post. We have implemented a way for you to move the chat widget to the left side of the page. This feature was released today and you can find this in your inbox settings. 


We will be working on further customizations to the widget later in the year. 


Please let me know if you have any feedback. 





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January 30, 2019 03:55 PM

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Hello HubSpot Product Team,


Being able to place the chatbot on the left or right corners is not enough for us. Placing it on either side would be in the way of important buttons/contents on our site. I need the capability of letting our users be able to drag the chatbot to where they prefer. Chatbot is super useful for interactions with site visitors, but at this time we are unable to take any advantage of it due to the above reason. Please set this your priority in optimizing the chatbot capabilities. Thank you.


We def need more options for what the bubble looks like. Look at options. More CTA looking bubbles and such. This gets lost alot of the time. 


The Chat button and windows should automatically inherit CSS from your website, or the styling options should at least use the stock colors from Settings (for emails, I think?). You should DEFINITELY be able to use the same font as your website!


Hi there thought I would contribute my reasoning to needing more styling to the chat icon:


I am currently working on a mobile version of our website which uses a sticky footer similar to those on Instagram, Facebook etc to provide more of an app feel when browsing our website from a mobile. The issue that I face though is that because we use Hubspot live chat the icon blocks an element which is a vital element which a user can click to go to there cart. All I need to be able to do is simply position the live chat icon approximately 15px above the sticky footer.


Screenshot is provided to explain more.


Hubspot icon blocking CartHubspot icon blocking CartScreenshot 2020-03-31 at 14.42.24.png


@ianpetzer Much better thankyou.


The ability to style chat simlar to the Hubspot chat would be great. Specifically, the ability to suggest multiple knowledge base articles at once and search the knowledge base.


It would be ideal to be able to customize the chat icon and how close to the edges of the viewport it sits.  I've seen the post about moving it via CSS, but that isn't enough.  A choice of less intrusive (smaller) icons would be great.  On a phone, the current icon just takes up too much space.  I applaud the HubSpot team for making a chat link with such a large hit area... but sometimes bigger is not better!  Thanks!


Hi All


Is there not a way to change the chat bot bubbel colour?


Thought it asked you when you set it up but you can see on my website that its the wrong blue and just looks bad.


Surley you must be able to shange the colour somewhere?




+1 for resizing the actual live chat box. On mobile it takes over the whole page once opened which ruins the experience if the customer is trying to browse at the same time. Has someone found a way to resize it on our end?


I went through the chat here but found no solution for now.


Thanks 🙂


Any updates on improving the chat icon settings?


The icon is super ugly and doesn't go with out website. We should be able to upload our own image for the icon, be able to adjust the sizing to our liking, and remove that god awful box shadow. It's hideous. 





I just made a css workaround as


body div#hubspot-messages-iframe-container
    max-height80% !important
    max-width80% !important
you can try it.

Hopping onto this! Let me know when there is a Beta to try and break! - Joe


@mrTrky Thanks! Let me look into this 🙂


Hi, within this update are the options to ensure the pop up is accesble covered and if not where can we access the Java script to amned the code so it is readable via screen readers? 



Hi, Martin here

 i think there should be an option to reposition the widget location to either the bottom right or the bottom left side of our website. i believe it should be a choice for the developer😎


cheers, hope you consider this


Bonjour, cela serait super de pouvoir modifier les couleurs des bulles de messages, typographie) afin de pouvoir être cohérent avec notre site internet.


All of the above would be nice. A customer just asked for the ability to move the chat of the screen into a separate window.

"I can close and bring it back but the ability to move the window off-screen as a secondary would be better when chatting."


The standard chatbox size is too large. It would be great to be able to scale it.


I would like to replace the chat icon