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More Chat Widget Styling Options

There should be more styling options for the messages add on.

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Please allow the option to change the size and position of the chatbot icon.


The current option of being able to choose between left or right is not enough, especially on mobile, which these days is becoming the norm.


While it would be great to allow the users to dynamically move the icon themselves using their finger or mouse, this might be difficult to script and is less urgent and more of a nice to have.


More urgently, we need to be able to move the icon off the sticky footer, as there are critical menu navigation items in the footer being blocked, regardless of whether it is on the left or right of the screen. Please allow either an option to change the positioning or at the very least some CSS to position it relative to the footer so it doesn't block it!


Giving the users the option to click to remove the icon from the page would also be great so that it disappears for the duration of the session (or until the user refreshes the page).


If anyone else is having this issue, we found the custom CSS that can resolve the positioning issue:


div#hubspot-messages-iframe-container {
bottom: 80px !important;
max-height: calc(100% - 80px) !important;


We would still really like to have the other features mentioned above added to the roadmap, so please consider these!


Regarding the knowledge lookup in the chatbot, is there a way to slow down the response by a second or two (a lot of information is sent too quickly) or reduce the size (font) of the automatic messages? 


Customizing the Open and Close icons for the widget would be amazing for brand cohesion.


Also, it would be good to be able to change the icon on the chat window or simply input some text like "Help" or  "Support".


Don't spend your time on coming up with ideas.


Hubspot apparently doesn't seem to care.


They have had years now to change this, that would require a few fields in a database and a couple of parameters in a javascript file.


it would be great to be able to add attachements to the chatbot so when creating a ticket we can have all the information needed . 




Also critical for us on mobile, the chat icon overlaps the menu. 


How can I change the icon size? 


It would be great to make users able to drag the chat icon


Set the chat to unavailable on a future date. For example: there is a national holiday on Monday 9th and you want to set that date as unavailable for the chat without having to change the chat availability settings.


its 2022.. and we need this..


At the bottom of the page, there are lots of valuable details, links, and actions. As a Hubspot admin, I must have the option to set precisely where to put the chat button to avoid confusion for our users.


100% need having full control of the theme. Icon and background color of chat. Making it transparent - etc. At the very least icon color so we can match themes exactly and not be stuck with stock colors that don't intergrate well with all sites. - thank you!


Several years of requests and I still need more options.  The Chat icon is in the way no matter bottom right or bottom left.  I would rather not redesign the entire site.  I would rather have more options for styling and locations and everything for this chat icon.  I am needing to do my own styling within my site to override what you are providing us.



Could it be possible that provide a custom css interface to the chat Widget? We'd like to customize the font family, font size, line height, and many other styles. It looks no interface for it for now.