More Chat Widget Styling Options

There should be more styling options for the messages add on.

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So that it can be more easily found in search ... i created a more specific ticket about chat bubble locations.  You can upvote it here Ability to Modify Chat Bubble Location

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I'm all for this. My main requirements are


1. Reducing the size on mobile.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Yes, the customisation options are very poor. Please add more HubSpot!

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Having switched to Hubspot Service center, I'm extremely disappointed in how bare the ablity to customize it. I really need to be able to better support the needs of my business, and while I enjoy the intergration that Hubspot offers, it's lacking in a lot of basic needs that a support team needs. 

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Hello everyone.


I'm currently wondering: This idea has been submitted on 2017, and Hubspot changed the status "on planning" just 3 weeks ago.


Are there any further details of the timeline of these? I'd love to hear that in the next month everything has changed.


Thank you.

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HubSpot Moderator

Would love to see some more ability to customize the design and look of the conversations tool. It is a great tool, but would love to be able to customize it more! 

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A really simple but useful thing for us is if you could change the alignment.  We have many CTA's and popup's that appear on the bottom right corner of the page.  Currently, the chat widget is overlayed on top of our CTA's the ability to change positions would be super helpful.

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Yes please! We definitely need this!

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Agreed, all great ideas. It's quitre limited right now.