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More Advanced Targeting Options for Lead Flows

It would be great to have the ability to create more advanced targeting options in the lead flows tool. Things like this:


"User has visited X number of pages in the last week."


"User has visited X number of pages containing "sales" or "pricing" in the URL this session."


"User has not been on the site in X days/weeks/months"


This brings contextual marketing away from only working with known contacts and instead uses the cookie data on their visit habits of the website to market to them more effectively.

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Be able to target who sees lead flow pop-ups based on location, device, etc. If I'm trying to capture sign-ups for an event we're hosting in San Francisco, I don't want all my visiters to see it. I only want my known contacts in San Francisco to see it.


I would also like to see the ability to exclude certain pages within Lead Flow Options. For instance, I have a lead flow on all blog pages (wildcard) for visitors to subscribe to our blog but I also have four blogs I'd like to exclude. I would like to offer up a relevant whitepaper using a different lead flow but because I'm using a wildcard it covers all blogs. I would like to be able to exclude these blogs from my blog subscription lead flow. 


 I'd like to see targetting via HubSpot lists.

This way you could build a list and ensure that the next lead flow they see on your website is a specifc offer for that list.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi guys - I'm happy to tell you we're about to release this feature into an early closed beta sometime within the next two weeks. Please DM me your HubSpot portal ID if youy're interested in participating in the beta.

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Hey @DomRychlik - please add us to the beta! I'll PM you our HubID.


Hi @DomRychlik! Please add us to the beta too! Will send you our ID 


Hi @DomRychlik , any updates on the progress os this idea? I've been folowing a similar thread (  and really hope we can get better lead flow targeting soon, specifically, targeting based on lifecycle stage, or from a list! that would completely transform our lead funnel for the better. 

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@DomRychlik -


Do you have an ETA on this? It's been in Beta for over two years.



HubSpot Product Team

Hi @tmcginnis 
Thanks for reaching out. Yeah the  targeting for pop-up forms has been out to all for a while now - l've now updated the status.

You can now target against a wide range of filters like number of visits, SEO topic, new/returning visitors, IP and more.

Also, excited to say we're re-builiding the pop-up forms tool from ground up. We've spun a new team earlier this year and we're building a brand new,  flexible solution that will allow you to crate a wide range of interactive website elements such as pop-ups, banners, CTAs slide ins etc.

We're aiming to have this new solution available in Beta soon.