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Hi there,


It would really make it much easier to find the meetings with the contact, if there was a "Meetings" tab in the bar (contact view) just the way there is Calls, Activity etc..



Thank you!

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HubSpot Employee

Would love to see the meetings tab being set as a default on the contact timeline, as opposed to having manually select it from the filter activity dropdown. 


- Posting on behalf of Sam McDonald


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This would be so incredibly helpful! Every contact has multiple meetings and forms submissions, so it makes sense for us to be able to filter by these categories as well! Smiley Happy HS is all about efficiency and automation, so this change would reflect that Smiley Wink

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Definalty needed! 

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Currently, it is possible to sort out/ log Notes/ Emails/Calls/Tasks on the tab displayed on top of the each records.

It will be great if it includes "Meeting" on the tab as well.

( I realized it is possible to filter "Meeting" on activity timeline. But it will be more time-efficient if meetings could sort out/ log on the tab)

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Would like this as well as an option for conversations as well.