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I just ran across a hip and cool project management company called Reminded me of HubSpot revolutionizing the CRM and Marketing world. Would be nice to see an integration for Project Mangaement into HubSpot and this seems like a natural fit for you guys. Take a look and send it up the ladder for someone to rub elbows with this company.


I think it would help any manager be able to utilize a project management feature and make sure the team is on top of it. I know you guys have projects and tasks, but they have a long way to go. This just seems like a nice feature to add to HubSpot.

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That would be awesome! I love Hubspot it has helped out our office a lot!! I recently found and think it would be an awesome integration! 

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HS is an excellent tool, but teams need a robust planning tool that works for each team member and their niche work. We need to see it ALL. Data entry should only be done once. Let's get real! We're producers, not project managers in the world of marketing. We'll integrate with Zapier, but a full integration would be incredibly useful. 

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That would be great!


the ability to create a task in hubspot based on the project status in would be amazing!

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Same, really needed!

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We are also needing this integration. Considering Tasks don't integrate with Google Calendar (which is absurd)


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100% Agreed!!