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Modify the Inbox to selectively log emails so certain emails stay private


I can't use Hubspot as my main email client as the inbox view is accessible by everyone. I need to be able to turn certain emails into tickets or ask questions to other people in my company, but other emails need to stay private (internal emails about HR things, etc.).


Possibly solution

Modifying the inbox to selectively log emails in Hubspot and treat it more like a personal inbox that also includes areas for emails "shared" or "assigned" to you that's private from everyone else. I just hate that I have to use gmail and Hubspot now instead of a singular collaborative email client like I was before.



Our team currently uses Front App as our email client, but we're moving to Hubspot. One of the benefits of Front is only emails I want to share, assign to people, or @mention someone on are visible by them. Otherwise, my emails can stay private.


Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 12.49.39 PM.png