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Mobile app's filtering system



I'm currently exploring your android app. It's ok but there are two major issues that stops me from using it: 


1. Filtering the deals based on owner. I am part of a 30 man team. Each person has around 40 deals. That amounts to 1200 deals. I need to be able to see my own deals. Unfortunately, the android app doesn't allow filtering on the deals side. So now I see my entire team's deals and it's really not helpful.


2. Filtering the tasks based on owner. This is the opposite problem. In my team, we sometimes take each other's tasks to help out. I can't help out on the go if I can't see my teammate's tasks. 


It would be massively helpful to be able to have the same sort of filtering that is on the web platform on the app. 

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Having Filter in deals is sometimes more important than having filters in contacts and companies.

A very basic must-have feature for any Mobile app for a CRM

I think this filtering functionality should be implemented in priority.


There are times when I only have my mobile with me and I find it difficult to manage deals and feel like changing my CRM because this is very basic functionality for an Android app for such huge grade as of Hubspot.


Hi Hubspot Developers,


This is a really important feature for the Hubspot sales and CRM Android App


My sales team need to see the deals that they have been allocated and associated to.

They need to filter according to their name and see which deals they are working on.


Please can you urgently look into implementing.


Hi HubSpot

Agree with all the above. Our sales team are very mobile and need to have there internal Deal Filters mirrored onto the Android App. 

Please can you urgently look into implementing.


 Filtering in contact lists and deals for specific fields would be beneficial and being able to filter things out is the core functionality of a CRM, otherwise we may as well use Excel. 


Filtering in general for Contacts, Compainies, & Deals would be a great addition to the mobile app especially when out on the road not having access to your computer.


we want to have the contact list with comanies.


I agree it would be extremely helpful to filter tasks by user, similar to filtering companies.  Since this thread started two years ago I am guessing this is not being prioritized, but it would be great.


Definetely super important, especially for large team, to have the possibility to filter deals in the mobile app as in the desktop version.