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Mobile Push Notifications

The subject line has a character limit for mobile push notifications of 60 characters. It would be great to remove that limit to get the message across that the user needs to see. 

When the workflow triggers a push, there's a character limit in the subject line for the push. In this case it's the number of characters that come up in the notification while the screen is locked before clicking on the notification.

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Yes, really need this rather than SMS coming in at all hours.


I would like to know how this idea applies since Hubspot doesn't natively have push notification. We're looking for the best wat to integrate push notifications and doing it with webhooks, but I was curious about how you guys are doing it after I read this idea.


We WERE sending notices via Hubspot Workflow to the HubSpot mobile app.


We've completely ditched this now and send all of our alerts to Slack.