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Mobile App does not log SMS activity

Noticed that when you trigger a text from the mobile app, you get directed to send an SMS but the SMS activity does not get logged.  You still need to log activity. It's ok but an extra step.  Would be great if the activity is automatically logged.


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Totally agree these should be automatically logged under a category for "SMS".


@SarahMedilo even though you manually log it there isn't a section for "Log a text (SMS)".


In today's world that should be something that is an option.


If you go through the HubSpot app it should automatically log it directly into the contact as an activity type called "SMS".


If you need to manually log it there should also be a type for texting. Currently, you can only log calls, emails and meetings. We track all of those outward facing contacts for our sales team and had to tell them to manually log texting as an email and then note that it was really a text message in the comments. Not very efficient and chances of something getting missed is high.


@hubspot we need this added. I saw another thread that is from 2017 regarding text messages - please let us know if this is even in the pipeline for development since it has been over 5 years since first requested.