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Mobile App - Pin function

On your desktop, you are able to pin your notes to the top of your contacts timeline; however, the feature is unavailble in the mobile app. I would like to have that feature on the app as well, so if i pin a note on my desktop, it will show on my mobile app and vice versa.

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New Contributor

I agree, I would like to see this too. When out and about visiting clients I would like to easily see the pinned note as the first thing I see.


My way around this currently is to add the Property 'Message' to the default properties, but this is really for a permenant note re the client rather than a meeting note.

Regular Contributor

With a sales team that spends the majority of their time in the field, I completely agree.

Occasional Contributor

Ditto - I use the mobile app most of the time, and would like to be able to pin notes

Regular Contributor

THis would be highly useful for our sales team to pin notes etc on the app as our field team rarely use their laptops. They will use their mobiles nearly all the time so this would make sense to have this functionality in the app too.

New Contributor

I agree, the ability to have pin notes on the app would be more user friendly for a field sales team as this would save them so much time.