Missing "Search for contacts" when no email is entered in Outlook



We have installed the office 365 hubspot outlook extention, which generally works fine.

However, the problem is that there is no button/ clickable option to search for a CRM contact from hubspot in the sidebar, if there is no email adress already entered in outlook.


Standard use Case:

1. Open  a new blank email

2. Click Hubspot Button.png(there are no further options like in some online depictions indicated)

3. Blank Sidebar (as no email is entered, as the client wishes to search for the email in the CRM)


hubspot 2.png

as you can see, the "contact profiles" is blank/ unclickable.


The only workaround is to enter a random known contact first, then click on view contact of that random contact, and then start searching, which is not useful.



There should be a permanant option to search for a contact in the sidebar (also if no email is entered)

hubspot search.png


Thank you for your help,


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