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Missing Double Opt-In in Chatflows for email collection [GDPR compliance]

My Data Protection Officer issued the current implementation of the email collection within the Chatflows. I activated the email collection feature in the chatflow and also the double optin feature in the emaill configuration and expected to send / receive double opt-ins after providing a email address within the chatflow. Well in short: That is not the case!


I contacted the support and they confirmed that there is no such implementation in place... I should manually send opt-in email or upgrade to a higher plan which also includes workflows which allow such implementation.


This is not feasible and also not well thought by HubSpot. With this implementation it is not able to use HubSpot (or this feature) aligned with GDPR compliance. This is very sad and also bad! 


This is the email configuration:


I am talkin about this feature.


Please provide a solution for me.