HubSpot Ideas


Minimum pricing and bulk order discounts

The ability to add products to Hubspot is undoubtably hugely beneficial for a lot of companies, however there are obviously many limitations that haven't been overcome. One as far as I can see is minimum pricing and bulk order discounts/product price levels


We're a company that sells data, with a minimum order of 1000 records at a set price. Currently with products, we can only set a price per unit, so if the unit price was 0.34 and a customer ordered 900 records, Hubspot would calculate this to be £306, and not £340 as it needs to be. If a rule could be added for a minimum price to be set, then 900 records would display as £340.


Likewise, when a customer orders a large quantity of data, the unit price drops. We assign banding to different quantities, such as 10-25k records might be a 30% discount on the maximum price and so on. Obviously we can apply a manual discount in the deal record by clicking on edit product or in a quote when we review products, but the ability for this to be auto calculated by using price levels based on quantity would be extremely useful. There's no reason this needs to be complicated either. Each product could have the ability to have different price levels, or price options attacted to it, such as buy two, get one free.


In a related request, if products could be incorportated into workflows within deals, custom rules could be applied on an individual basis, provided certain properties were allowed to be editable, such as Net Price.


We're encouraging our sales teams to use products to track potential revenue and to quotes to communicate our product offering to customers, so to make it as user-friendly as possible is vital.