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Minimum Notice time in Meeting Scheduling Setup

I would like to suggest a change to the Meeting Scheduling Setup. It would be nice to have the option of 12 hours in the Minimum notice time. Right now, there is nothing between 6 hours and 1 day. If I check my calendar one evening and see that I don't have any appointments the next morning. I might take some personal time or set aside some time to work on a major project the next morning. Assume it's not something important enough to block time out in my calendar.

If I select 6 hours minimum notice time, then someone could schedule a meeting and unless I'm checking my notices frequently, I could miss a meeting. If I set it for 1 day, then I lose pretty much all of the next day when I could have appointments scheduled.

If I'm not taking that time the next morning, I'm basically losing an entire day when I could be meeting with people. Is it possible to make that change?

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did u figure this out?

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