Minimise or hide sidebar in Outlook

It would be great to be able to minimise or hide the sidebar in Outlook for Desktop on an ad-hoc basis. Currently, the only way to hide it is to also disable GDPR settings centrally. This would be especially helpful as many users on dual-screen set ups experience very wide sidebars that take up a lot of screen real estate. Thank you

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Would like to see the option to hide the Outlook-sidebar as well, as mentioned it's taking up a lot of screen estate and doesn't provide the user with the option to choose. I don't fully understand the current connection with having the GDPR-tools enabled, since to me this seems like a user interface topic instead of compliance.

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We would like to hide the sidebar as well. As we don't use the sidebar at all. It is only taking up a lot of screen space and system resources. For replying to an email it takes seconds longer with sidebar than without it. Why isn't there an option to deactivate the sidebar without  turning off the GDPR-tools. In my opinion, those shouldn't be connected. 

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I support this suggestion too. In a way the sidebar is useful, but as it also pops up for internal emails where GDPR is irrelevant, it's a bit of a pain. (Just to be clear I'm talking about the Hubspot sidebar that is present on the right hand side of the window whenever you're working on a popped-out email in Outlook for Desktop.)


My biggest issue is that the Hubspot sidebar doesn't even get the heck out of the way for other sidebar functions, e.g. shift+F7 thesaurus and Outlook Insights. They flash up sort of behind the Hubspot sidebar and then disappear.