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Microsoft Teams - Webinar Integration



I have seen similar posts from a few years ago with no real updates so I would like to propose that we make a renewed push for this functionality.


Like so many professionals in this space, consolidation of the tech stack is important and neccesary. With the launch of Webinars in Microsoft Teams, cutting out Zoom and moving to something we already pay for (Microsoft 365) is a clear money savings opportunity. However, we do not currently have the same functionality that we have with Zoom with regard to creating events, keeping track of registrations, and the many other features the Zoom integration offers. 


I see real value in expanding the functionality of the Teams integration beyond the notifications we get now. With improved integration we could create events, monitor/score registrations, create automations/emails/reminders/confirmations, that would accompany a standard webinar registration. 


I would like HubSpot to strongly consider this improved functionality.

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I completely agree! This would improve my workflow immensely.


+1 on this!


100% agree, it's about time microsoft teams webinar is integrated in hubspot. 


Curious if there have been any updates here? I am new to HubSpot and we use Teams religiously but hoping to integrate the platform with our upcoming webinar... If MSFT Teams Webinar is not an option, I'm open to others opinions on what webinar platform they suggest? Thanks!


@KHennessy8 Not that I am aware of. We use Zoom for our webinars only out of neccesity and familiarity. If MSFT Teams Webinar had the same functionality and connectivity we'd probably move.


Hope this helps, sorry there isn't more information. 


Would love to hear some updates on this topic as well


Any news - and hope for running Microsoft Teams Webinar with HubSpot Event?


Yes, we need this integration! Other webinar platforms have some kind of integration with HubSpot (Zoom, GoToWebinar, TwentyThree), and with MS Teams Webinar now being a big player in the webinar space, we need it integrated with HubSpot too. Like the OP, our organisation is already paying for Microsoft 365 and is unwilling to add other platforms to the mix if it can be done in MS 365 (we would rather upgrade from Teams Basic to Teams Premium to get more out of the webinar features).


We are also using Dynamics 365 as our main CRM platform, and for obvious reasons, MS Teams is already integrated into Dynamics 365 Marketing (Customer Insights - Journey). If HubSpot can't make this integration happen soon, then it's only going to push us more towards switching over to Microsoft's marketing platform... . With more webinars being planned, we need a seamless workflow across the two platforms, especially pre and post webinar.


+1 - Not having this integration is becoming costly for organizations.  Microsoft Teams adoption is in the range of 250 to 300 million active users.  You cant ignore this base and the fact the Microsoft Teams Webinar and Microsoft Teams Live Events are very much a part of that product.  


+1 we need this integration badly!!! 


100% we need this functionality!!  Please @hubspot can you provide an update


+1 for sure.