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We currently leverage GoToMeeting for client facing meetings, which then populates reports giving management a view into sales meeting activity. After working with HubSpot Support this morning, I have confirmed that HubSpot does not allow for the same level of integration with Microsoft Teams as it does with GoToMeeting.


As Microsoft Teams has quickly become mainstream as a result of the pandemic, we are beginning to move away from GoToMeeting to the Microsoft Teams meeting platform to bring us more in allignment with the majority of the organizations that we work with. Currently, we are being held back in this migration to Microsoft Teams due to the lack of reporting currently possible within HubSpot.


We are very interested in seeing this functionality introduced into HubSpot.

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We also like to have a Integration in the way that the Teams meeting participants will be submittet to Hubspot. Already now we use the Eventbrite integration, the registered persons of the events and also the event name will be submitted to Hubspot - this work really fine. But we want to know if the person who register at eventbrite take part as a participant in the teams meeting. Also it should be possible that this work with multiple events. We want to trigger marketing e-Mails on this. 


Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Hi All, 


Thanks for your continued interest in our Microsoft Teams integration. 


We will soon be opening up this integration to all users with the following features: 

  • Meeting link in Hubspot
  • Share Notifications from HubSpot to Teams
  • Workflow extensions (Pro/Ent only)
    • Create Teams channel in HS with trigger
    • Send notifications to Teams with trigger

We are planning to make this available within the coming weeks, as we are finalise some details before rollout.

I will update this thread as soon as our date is confirmed for this release, and share detail on how to start using this integration. 


Thanks again for your patience. 





@poconnell Is this ready yet?

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Hi All 


Thanks for your patience, and continued interest in our MicroSoft Team's integration. 

We are working with MicroSoft to get some final approvals in place to launch our initial features. 

We are planning to roll out the integration soon and I will update this thread when we have confirmed our launch date. 





Any word on this yet please? We are desperate to use Microsoft Teams for Meetings!


So will the Service helpdesk be able to communicate directly to the chat through Microsoft Teams?


Support this Idea? For everyone here I think this idea is also covered and has some good traction here: