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Microsoft Teams Integration with Conversations

I'd really like to get a Microsoft Teams integration with messages, so we can respond to messages within Teams. Basically, I just want the Slack integration outlined in this article ( for Microsoft Teams.

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not to derail this request or idea any further, but we're using Teams for phone calls, so it would be neat, if Teams could check Hubspot for phone numbers and display the corresponding contact...


i agree, I'm not really bohered about using Teams caht or any of the channel features, what i really want is to utilise the book my diary appointment setting ability of Hubspot to book a teams meeting. 


Same here, would be great to link phone call of teams with hubspot

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We are currently working on adding two new features to our Teams integration:
  • Ability to post to any channel in a team.
  • Calendar integration: users can connect MS Teams to HubSpot Meetings to auto-generate Team Meeting links

We are also researching the integration with phone numbers to integrate Teams phone calls with HubSpot CRM. 


As far as conversations go, HubSpot doesn't offer an API that would let our app listen for new conversations. We're researching a workaround for this and would like your feedback.
  1. Sign up for a free Slack plan.
  2. Connect HubSpot to Slack to receive notifications of new conversations.
  3. Our integration app will connect to your free Slack instance. Anytime HubSpot posts a notification to Slack, we will forward the notification to Microsoft Teams.
Would this be a beneficial feature to everyone?

We are relatively new to Microsoft Teams, but have been using Hubspot for a few years. We use both strictly for sales activities. The ability to run all communications between the sales team and the customer on deal view in Hubspot is awesome. Microsoft Teams is great and providing a way for the sales team to collaborate internally on different projects.  It would be great to be able to have a Channel created in Microsoft Teams every time a new Deal is created in Hubspot. I know a few application partners provide this functionality at an additional cost. I'm already paying ahefty amount to Microsoft and Hubspot. I should be able to leverage and create and integration myself with existing APIs. My question to get access to the integration from Hubspot?

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Hi folks!


I’ve gone ahead and changed the status back to Idea Submitted. While HubSpot does have a Microsoft Teams integrations, its primary focus is to send notifications between HubSpot and Teams. This thread's original request was for an integration that could respond to messages (similar to our Slack integration), which the Teams integration does not currently do.


When it comes to integrations, we are limited in what features we are allowed to build, but please continue to leave your feedback so we can understand your wants and needs. 


I apologize for any confusion,


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Thanks, Joe. I think a lot of us would greatly appreciate the same type of integration for HubSpot Meetings where a person can book a meeting in Office365 and it can send a Teams Meeting link instead of Zoom. Seems pretty easy to implement. 🙂

Integration to Team is critical to my company, we need it to integrate calling as we do not want to use HubSpot's call breakout.


We agree with these comments and upvote this request as Office 365 users.


I agree we are 365 based we are not going to slack. Also it would be great to be able to set up a TEAMS meeting not just a zoom meeting. 


Hi  JoeMayall ,


you got my hopes up by closing and then re-opening this new feature request!


Adding my vote to this idea.  We are a use Teams across our company and this feature would help us to be more responsive to customer chats from our website.  Right now we use Slack only for Chat integration which is a pain to manage.











Also, what would be important for our team is enabling the activity data to link to HubSpot. 


EG. When you make a call via teams to a prospect it tracks your talk time and number of calls made etc. 


We've been Hubspot Enterprise customers for 10 year I think. And Slack users for about 5. But during the pandemic we switched all internal infrastructure from on-premise Exchange and file servers to Office 365 in the cloud. Part of that switchover was transitioning to from Slack to Teams. One of the reasons i resisted gonig to 365 was that I felt Slack had better and more integrations with other software (like Hubspot).

Now that we are on Teams, everyone in the ORG really loves it and it blows slack away by putting Teams channels, chat, voice calls, files, Planner project management and Sharepoint all into one place. You couldn't pay me to go back to Slack. I loved it, but it just didn't have that holistic ecosystem feel that 365 + teams has.

So what's missing? 

The Hubspot to Teams integration.


This is a no-brainer Hubspotters. I mean, Teams usage is exploding in the post-covid world. Working from home is now the new norm. Our team is in...Teams ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

No Hubspot+Teams integration makes us all very sad. Like crying kittens sad. I'm starting to tear up now just thinking about how perfect life would be if my sales team could get notifications in Team and respond to live chat conversations.




Everyone on this thread, can you all chime in loudly and emphatically by up-voting, commenting, pressuring and harassing Hubspot until they figure out that teams is probably already or going to be THE biggest communication tool worldwide. Maybe even in the entire universe.

This integration makes sense. And it needs to be done in-house.






Hear hear, Jeremy! Thank you for your contribution to this thread. I agree wholeheartedly that this integration—in house; not as an epensive third party add-on—would make life phenomonally easier in our new remote-based world, considering how many companies use Teams as their primary collaboration platform.


Yes we need integration, Microsoft even provide their Graph API so it is possible, having a teams channel as a target for workflow would be very useful, having integration somehow between Hubspot chat bots and Microsoft Power playform chatbot/virtual agents would be cool, and being able to have calls integrate between Teams calling and contact lookup in Hubspot would blow most other solutions out of the water.......


But you know failing that, there is always Dynamics 365.


Hey HubSpot! Please add Microsoft Teams, so I don't have to listen to my boss (jeremypyles) stress the fact that there's no integration between the two. 😅

But, I do agree it would be great to have.


Yes Please!! We would use it ALL the time!



Could not agree more!! Look forward to this happening in the NEAR future!! 

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Hi all, 

I am the Product Manger for Hubspot Strategic Integration. I'm happy to let you know that we are currently building an integration with Microsoft Teams. We plan to launch our first features later this year, which will include a meeting link within HubSpot and the ability to share notifications between HubSpot and Microsoft Team. In the coming months we also plan to start working on messaging conversations feature, among other features. 

Keep an eye out for our Product Blog updates on this integration.