Microsoft Teams Integration with Conversations

I'd really like to get a Microsoft Teams integration with messages, so we can respond to messages within Teams. Basically, I just want the Slack integration outlined in this article ( for Microsoft Teams.

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Same here, my company is pretty committed to 365 so slack is not really an option atm!

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We'll be using Microsoft TEAMS (Microsoft 365) - so integreation would be great.

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We used the slack integration and it has become core to our business.


We're moving to Microsoft Teams so a similar integration is key!

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Not sure if there is any progress on this one - It seems pretty vital that since Hubspot is pretty Office 365 / Gmail centric that you should be able to use the built in 365 tools as well (MS Teams).... 


At the moment the chat feature is pretty useless to us - we're not going to ask all of our staff to sit here with Hubspot Chat open all day on our screens on the off chance someone will chat with us. 

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This would be an awesome integration. We are a heavy Microsoft Teams shop; all our communications across the company is through Teams. From the description of how well Slack integrations with HubSpot, that same style of integration would be helpful here. Especially the Inbox/Conversations aspect and webhooks.

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Same here! 


similar integration is key!

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Would like to see Microsoft Teams integration.

1. Ability to Setup Meeting events (via workflow actions)

2. Ability to register contacts into teams (via workflow actions)


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We use Hubspot as CRM and Microsoft Teams for internal dicussions.


I would like an integration between the two and I would want it to do the following:

- When a comment is posted with @+customer name, the comment thread should be posted to the company page in Hubspot. That way Hubspot will gather all comments, external and internally, but requires that me as a user uses @ to connect the comments to the page.

- I would also want the integration to support linking to contacts and deals.

- I would like the integration to support "looking up contacts" to find contact informasjon within a chat-thread. 

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Same here. It would be great to have HubSpot integrate with MS Teams!

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It would be very good if HubSpot could do a similar integration to Temas as for Slack.