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Microsoft Teams Calendar Invite Format


The problem revolves around the fact that the meeting invite is sent from HubSpot to invitees solely as a link, without including essential details like the Meeting ID, Passcode, and other pertinent information that typically accompanies invitations sent directly through Microsoft Teams.


I've attached an image for reference to illustrate the disparity between the HubSpot-scheduled meeting invite and a standard Microsoft Teams invitation.


This format needs to match, as if the calendar invite was sent directly from Teams



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Agree that the formatting should be improved for Microsoft Teams meeting invitations - the formatting for a Zoom invite is more presentable and should be consistent regardless of the platform used to schedule.


Google Meet is a simple link, even it looks better than the Microsoft Teams version.


Google Meet:



compared to Microsoft Teams:



and Zoom (the best of them all) for reference:






I also agree that the Microsoft Teams format should match the one sent from HubSpot. Experiencing the same issue 

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Having a similar issue but the Teams link is very long, which is not user friendly.


We are unable to see our MS Teams audio conference bridge phone number, and meeting code in the Hubspot born meetings.  This prevents customers from joining via PSTN which is big for enterprise or high security profile customers that can't create a Teams account or install Teams.  The only work around is to create the meeting from Outlook with the Hubspot Sales add-in and associate the meeting with the proper records and then go into Hubspot and update the Meeting Type and any other meta that needs to go into Hubspot.  Why not just grab the entire meeting block instead of just the meeting url.. or give an option?


To add.


The default link added in HubSpot doesn't activate all the goodies in Premium, such as recording, recap, and more.


To make that work, I must remove the original link and activate it from Outlook or something similar.


It is not so nice when one of the big reasons for using HubSpot and Teams is to save time and automate and streamline as much as possible.