Microsoft Teams Calendar Integration

We need to connect the Microsoft teams Calendar with the HubSpot meeting link 
So that meetings that are booked through the link show in the MS Team Cal 

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Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, 

I am the Product Manger for Hubspot Strategic Integration. I'm happy to let you know that we are currently building an integration with Microsoft Teams. We plan to launch our first features later this year, which will include a meeting link within HubSpot and the ability to share notifications between HubSpot and Microsoft Team. In the coming months we also plan to start working on messaging conversations feature, among other features. 

Keep an eye out for our Product Blog updates on this integration. 




Glad to hear this is in the works! 

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Great news! The messaging will be a great feature along with any other powerful integrations with Teams.

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Happy to hear this is coming soon!

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Any ETA when it will be functional? 

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Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Hi All


Thanks for your continued interest in the Microsoft Teams Integration by HubSpot. 


We are currently working through feedback shared by our early beta testers. We plan to extend this integration to more beta tester in Q1 2020. 


I will keep this channel updated on progress and let you know when we are ready to take on more beta testers.

I know alot of you who are eager to get involved and we look forward to sharing this with you soon. 

Thanks for your patience as we work through our development. 




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Hi @poconnell 

Can you please update me when this is available. 

We are currently using Teams and its crucial. 


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Hi Patrice. Would love to be considered for the beta test.

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Hey Patrice,


Please consider us for the beta testing phase... Keen to get a solution and help along the way


Any update at all?