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Microsoft Teams Calendar Integration

We need to connect the Microsoft teams Calendar with the HubSpot meeting link 
So that meetings that are booked through the link show in the MS Team Cal 

ステータスに更新: Delivered

Hi All, 


I wanted to keep you updated on our latest developement with our Microsoft Teams integration. 


NEW: We have recently rolled out conversations functionality in our Microsoft Teams integration. 

This gives users the ability to recieve and reply to messages from Hubspot conversations inboxes directly from their Microsoft Teams channels.

Find out more in our knowledge base article


The MicroSoft Teams integration from HubSpot available to all users in our HubSpot Marketplace.


At this time, this integration includes the following features: 

  • ability to create a MicroSoft Teams meeting link 
  • send notifications to MicroSoft Teams channels
  • enable HubSpot workflows actions for MicroSoft Teams to: (1) create a Teams channel, and (2) send a notifications to Teams channel 
  • ability to recieve and reply to messages from conversations inboxes in HubSpot direclty in Microsoft Teams channels. 

We plan to continue adding more features and improvements to this integration, and will keep you updated when they become available.  


Thanks for all your feedback shared so far - please continue to share more feedback in this thread or via our feedback form