Meta Noindex Blog Tags and Author Pages

It would be nice if you could easily noindex blog tag/topic pages and author pages.


There are 36 pages being indexed in google for our blog tags and authors. All 36 of these pages are thin content and showing up as duplicate content using which isn't helpding our visibility in search.


Our only recourse right now is to add /author/ and /topic/ to our robots.txt file. However, I doubt this fix is likely to remove them from Google's index permanently because there is a link to the author profile and topic page on every blog. Maybe editing the blog post template to unlink the author name and topic on blogs could help?


Either way, let's get this feature made HubSpot!

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You can use Google Tag Manager to accomplish this.


I followed this guide:


The DOM Ready events I used are "page URL contains /author/" for one tag and "page URL contains /topic/" for the other tag.


When setting up your tag, make sure the "Support document.write" checkbox is checked.