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Messages on Mobile

Communicate with your website visitors in the mobile apps. This is something we're currently looking into. If you've any ideas on how you'd like this to work let us know!

New Contributor

I would like for the app to be a master control. That way, if I leave Message on, on my desktop, when I log into the mobile app, I can turn it off across all instances (we're a small company - so I'm the only one who uses it - and I only use it during the day).


All the mobile app needs to be able to do is to active my profile and then to create a push notificaiton in real-time to the mobile app so I can, right there in the app, answer the chat and use it as an IM. 


In other words, I do not want to have to log into a browser to answer messages. 


Really, the current browser functionality is simple, easy, clean -- just mimick that right into a mobile app and make sure the performance/real-time notifications work well so that we don't frustrate customers.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
Status changed to: In Planning
Occasional Contributor

I completely agree - I'd love to be able to monitor and respond to chat on via the app. Also, in regards to the iphone app - I'd love to have the caller id feature as well as the business card scanning features just released on the android app.

New Member

I'm super excited about the new chat feature but would be even more excited to be able to get notifications and respond to chat via mobile when I'm not at my computer.

Occasional Contributor

Another solution I think would be helpful as an addition to chat would be to integrate to google calendar. If a meeting or event came up, it would automatically mark me as "offline." Also this would be handy to add messaging to the hubspot app push notifications. 

New Member

I would love for my sales reps (4) to be able to get & interact with message notifications on their mobile devices and tablets especially since they are in the field a lot. I've defined an hour as the max response time to any prospect inquiries via form or chat - having mobile capability is critical to achieve that service level realistically. 

bowlinshoes wrote:

Communicate with your website visitors in the mobile apps. This is something we're currently looking into. If you've any ideas on how you'd like this to work let us know!


Regular Contributor

Or a link through to the Sales pro meetings even as this has access to my diary anyway. :+1:

New Member

As Zopim or other chat managers do, we would like to have an App which respond messages from when we are using our phone out of the office.

New Contributor

 This is really important for people in small teams, as I am often on the move and can't have my laptop open the whole day to show that I'm 'online'

Occasional Contributor

The first question my sales team asked when I was introducing Messages to them was, "Can I do this on the app???" - so I echo everyone's thoughts here.  I also appreciated @Jon_Invoq's comment above regarding a business card reader for the app... Another feature that would be helpful is a QR code reader for scanning conference attendee badges.  It would be amazing to be able to plug someone right into Hubspot using a conference badge and/or business card.