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Messages on Mobile

Communicate with your website visitors in the mobile apps. This is something we're currently looking into. If you've any ideas on how you'd like this to work let us know!

New Contributor

I would like for the app to be a master control. That way, if I leave Message on, on my desktop, when I log into the mobile app, I can turn it off across all instances (we're a small company - so I'm the only one who uses it - and I only use it during the day).


All the mobile app needs to be able to do is to active my profile and then to create a push notificaiton in real-time to the mobile app so I can, right there in the app, answer the chat and use it as an IM. 


In other words, I do not want to have to log into a browser to answer messages. 


Really, the current browser functionality is simple, easy, clean -- just mimick that right into a mobile app and make sure the performance/real-time notifications work well so that we don't frustrate customers.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
Status changed to: In Planning
Occasional Contributor

I completely agree - I'd love to be able to monitor and respond to chat on via the app. Also, in regards to the iphone app - I'd love to have the caller id feature as well as the business card scanning features just released on the android app.