Messages in conversations can only include one attachment at the time

We followed the steps to "creating an inbox" and connected and email. We are now receiving emails in HubSpot under "conversations -> emails". However, when replying to a message through conversations, it is only possible to add one(!) attachement. To add more attachements we have to either:


1. Answer in Outlook as we used to (which is not an option)

2. Click on the contact record and send a reply from there (which only complicates the whole process and make it less functional) 

3. Upload all attachements we will be using in "HubSpot files" (which is not possible for us as we depend on using attachements alot in our communication. It will simply take too much time!) 


This is a major problem for us and hope you will fix this ASAP!

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I second that! Another comment about the document upload is that any uploaded document will be available for EVERYBODY, regardless of TEAM membership.

Which leaves another feature request and that is to add documents for different teams only... 

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I applaud the multiple attachment wish Heart