Messages - Offline Function - Bring It Back


Messages is only utilized by two people and it's not our sole responsbility. Losing the "offline" function has been determintal to our ability to respond to inquires. We hop off and online all day and need this function back so it doesn't look like we are ignoring people. The message function almost becomes useless for us smaller chat-teams because of the loss of the "offline feature." Bring it back ASAP. 

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Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team
Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Very excited to announce we've just released more robust chat availability options that include the ability to set "away" messages. Read about it here!


 @hroberts  this still does not fix the issue when it is late at night and we are away from the computer....  It would be nice if the customer can fill out a form and us get the info via email and hubspot under the contacts profile.  Right now it says we will be back at 9am...  There is not even a customization option where we can add a link to the we are away till 9am, fill out a contact us form and we will get back to you option.


Is there and am I now seeing how to add that option?