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Here is a snapshot of the message that the client receives once they enter their email. 

I think this message is out of place since the user is on Chat, they expect a chat reply back in just a moment. I think that it is jagged and incongruit to a message that one of us will repsond by email 


Please please please change the message to something that is more suitable to the workflow of a chat. How about something like this:

"Got it. We will email you a copy of the transcript once your chat is over"


This is a cool feature that Hubspot offers plus it sets the user up for know how we plan to use their email and the relief of knowing that they will have a record of the chat. 


What do you say?






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I like the idea, I just posted feature requests for the Messages feature and your is listed under it. Go ahead and upvote so we can start gaining traction. If you see anything else I missed in mine, feel free to add into the comments section. 



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We just switched to HubSpot for our marketing site and in-app support messages. I liked the idea that we could turn on the capability to capture an email after the first message, so we know who we're talking to. This helps in the case that we need to look deeper into a person's account to address an issue.


However, when the customer puts in their email, it says we will follow up via email, which is not what we want to do in that moment. We want to continue to chat, while capturing their contact information in a more automated way. We'd only be following up via email if we need to fix something and report back to the customer later. I know we can do this manually by asking them and then creating a contact, but it creates extra work for us.


It was unclear in your documents that this is the message customers would receive and this message doesn't seem to be configurable. I doubt we would have turned on this feature if we had known the message associated with it.


We really can't use this feature (though we would really like to) because it causes confusion as to what our customers should do and how they can expect to receive a notification back. Could you please just change this message to a generic thanks or allow it to be configured, so we can both capture emails easily and continue chatting with our customers to solve their issues.

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The message now says "Thanks! If you have to leave this chat, we'll email you."

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Would love the option to capture whatever information we'd like. 

i.e. We'd want to capture Name, Company and Phone Number. No point in sending an email if we can't really address them. Besides in our market, phone numbers are crucial.