Messages - Ask additional questions before a conversation begins

Other messaging tools allow you to configure additional questions for the end user to answer before beginning a conversation. This feature is not currently included in the messaging tool.


If this feature is implemented, In additional to being able to ask those questions before a conversation begins, it should be an option to use those answers to complete fields on the customer's contact record. The mapping of those answers to the fields on the contact record should be configurable at the "message" level, where the administrator could map "First Name" to the "First Name" field on the contact record. However, the values should not apply automatically to the contact record, instead the representative should be able to review the answers and decide to apply them to the contact record or discard them if the information provided is obviously inaccurate (as would be the case if a user provided bogus answers just to get connected with a representative).


To summarize, the ability to configure custom questions for the customer to answer before initiating a chat would enable representatives to better prepare to answer the customer's question, and the ability to easily save the answers to a customer's contact record will help improve the information we have about a given contact improving future interactions.

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Messages - Ask additional questions before a conversation beginsHubSpot Product Team
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I'm personally less interested in the ability to review the answers before applying, and far more interested in the ability to "gate" website chats with email capture for any unknown visitors.

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