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Merging permissions

We'd like to restrict record merging separetely with a specific merging permission.

Currently the merging functionality is enabled within the editing privileges, but sometimes we want to restrict merging even though the user can edit a record.

Today, we have that capability with importing records. A user can import records if they have editing permissions, but only if they also have the specific importing permission set.


It also would be good to define a specific merging permission within the object settings:


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I believe this would be a great feature to have!

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This would be really helpful, especially since merged records can't be unmerged


Because editing permissions enable you to merge, the only way to not allow HubSpot users to not merge is to take away their editing rights.


Dependent on how you use Hubspot, as @Jnix284 stated...merging cannot be undone. So because merges are non-reversible, it should have its own level of permissions and not tied to "editing".


We have an unspoken rule to not merge, however that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.